HIV services

This Trust looks after almost 2000 people living with HIV and our clinical results show that the care they receive is amongst the best in London. We provide outpatient care at the four hospitals:

Northwick Park and Ealing Hospitals also provide inpatient care on the infectious diseases wards..

If you wish to have your HIV care at one of our clinics you can contact the HIV nurse specialists:

  • Central Middlesex Hospital: 07825753128 or 0208 453 2597/2748
  • Ealing Hospital: 0208 967 5754 or  Bleep 708 via switch 0208 967 5000.
  • Northwick Park Hospital: 07899947405 or  0208 869 3145 
  • Hillingdon Hospital: 01895 279537

Or email Central Middlesex Hospital:
or Northwick Park Hospital :

Another way would be to come to the sexual health clinics at one of the four hospitals.

Your GP can also refer you to the clinic with a letter.

Community HIV nursing services


The HIV specialist nursing service in Harrow provides nursing support and specialist advice to those infected or affected by HIV regarding physical, psychological and social needs affecting health.

How the service operates

Visits are pre-arranged with the patient according to need. In urgent situations the service may not always be contactable or available and the patient is advised to contact their GP, GUM Clinic for advice or A&E department (in emergencies).

The service is available to advise professionals concerning patients not known to the service. Additional advice may be given concerning local nursing, social and voluntary organisations in relation to HIV.         

Education, support and training to professionals and carers within Harrow, can be arranged through HIV CNSs. This is provided informally or formally, in groups or on a one to one basis depending on the subject matter and requirements.

Referral criteria

  • General advice is offered to any infected or affected by HIV
  • Harrow residents
  • People over 16 years of age
  • Referrals can be made in writing, over the telephone or by fax by professionals or by self-referral
  • Please ensure you give your contact details.

The service is based out of the Caryl Thomas Clinic
Tel. 020 3182 8336
Fax. 020 8861 5245

Or you can write to:

Emma Passera,

HIV Lead Nurse, HIV Specialist Nursing Team
Caryl Thomas Clinic, Headstone Drive
Harrow, HA1 4UQ




The Brent community HIV service provides comprehensive Specialist Nursing Outpatient Service in relation to the physical, emotional, psychological and social needs for People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) in Brent, irrespective of where they access their HIV Acute care.   

We work in partnership with organisations and third sector agencies such as:

We also have links with the hospital HIV services, the STARRS Rehabilitation Team, St John's Hospice, Mildmay, the Substance Misuse Team, Primary Care (General Practice), Food Chain, and Food Banks.

For further information please contact us:
Tel. 020 8795 6115
Fax. 020 8795 6491
'The Hub', Monks Park Primary Care Centre,
Wembley, HA9 6JE



HIV support services, who collaborate with us and provide counselling, practical support and self-management services in the Ealing GUM site: